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But please note that this method only works on a Wi-Fi connection. So, it is not working for an Ethernet connection. From the right panel, double-click on the NoAutoUpdate and set its value to 1. Click OK to confirm.After that, restart your computer to stop Windows 10 update download. As for how to stop Windows 10 update, you can try to change the Group Policy. And the following steps will show you how to change the Group Policy in detail to stop Windows 10 update download in progress.

  • First of all, you can choose to disable BitLocker Windows 10 via Control Panel.
  • It’s an important indicator of internal problems with hardware, software, or drivers.
  • Under ‘Pause Updates’, toggle the switch to ‘On’.
  • In case it reads Running, head to the next fix.


I would feel more at ease when the feature is disabled. Next is the Delete Files in My Recycle Bin If They Have Been There for Over drop-down list. This allows you to set how to determine which files Storage Sense empties from your Recycle Bin.

How To Remove Windows 10’s Annoying Search Highlights Icons

The group policy editor will notify you of new updates without automatically installing them. If Windows 10 or 11 insist on installing a specific update or driver that’s causing problems, you can prevent Windows Update from installing that particular update. This gives you a way to opt out of specific updates — uninstall them and “hide” them from being installed until you unhide them. So, if you don’t want Windows 10 or Windows 11 automatically downloading updates on your home network connection, just set it as a metered connection. Windows will automatically download updates when you connect your device to an unmetered network, or when you set the network it’s connected to as unmetered again.

  • With time obsolete items get accumulated in the registry which can degrade your system performance and speed.
  • In the initial version of Windows, there was a huge dependency on the configuration files where the program’s configuration and settings were often stored.
  • The Registry is specific to the Windows operating system but is found in versions of Windows since 3.1 on upwards, supplanting the previous uses of text INI files.

Or simply download the latest version from the official website. Reinstalling the app might be another winning idea to prevent this issue. Most of you would have been able to fix the issue with the methods listed earlier. However, if it persists, you are left with no option but to create a new user account. After starting the Application Identity service, check if the issue is solved.

In the right pane of the storahci key, double click/tap on the Start DWORD to modify it. In the left pane of Registry Editor, browse to the key location below to see if you have the StartOverride here.. Since upgrading to Windows 11, many users have reported that their computer is slower and suffering lag in… How to Speed Up Windows 11 to Improve Performance. Like changing the Default apps to the Windows 10 version instead of this shit that they made for some reason.

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The first few steps will need to be done on your phone. It is also very important to log in using the same Microsoft account on all devices and applications. Connecting your phone with Windows 10 PC becomes easier than ever. It may be noted thatContinue on PCfeature currently available on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update users. What I have been using since linking my phone is Cortana on Android, which lets me get my phone notifications on all my Windows 10 devices. Microsoft does allow the user to use their device’s native browser iOS or Chrome and share a link instantly to Edge browser. Microsoft is definitely on the right track to embrace their misstep in the mobile market.

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